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Ficrest Integration, Inc. is a fully licensed A/V & home automation firm that works in the greater LA area. We are a a one-stop shop for everything low voltage from safety & surveillence, network & communication, environmental controls, and more. Following a step-by-step process, Fircest Integration is capable of completing the entire low voltage process from wires and pliers to engineering and programming.

Our Services
We specialize in designing, installing, and maintaining technologies in your home to provide peace of mind for the things you love the most
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Discovery ProcessDiscovery ProcessThe project always begins with a discovery process, where we listen to our client’s needs and desires. Our preliminary interviews are relaxed yet specific, as we endeavor to balance the desires of the client with the realities of technological trends, budget constraints and built-in obsolescence.
System DesignSystem DesignWe put our engineering team to work to define all aspects of the project. now that pertinent information has been gathered, a detailed proposal can be developed in accordance to these plans. An extensive set of drawings are created that show graphically where all hardware and pre-wire drops will be located. Our client is then delivered this information for review and annotation.
ImplementationImplementationAdditional support documentation is created as the Rough and Trim phases commence. With the home interior primed, we begin the concluding phases, order the system gear, and schedule its installation. Our job is only complete when the client is 100% satisfied with the finished product. These final phases can take a few weeks or a few years depending on the project’s scale.
Customer SatisfactionCustomer SatisfactionA complete set of as-built documentation is delivered to every client at the final project sign-off. We strive to make every customer, a customer for life. By delivering as-built documentation and programming source code to our customers, we ensure that the investment they have made into their home is well protected and may be serviced for life with accuracy and diligence. We honor all manufactures warranties plus a 12 month workmanship warranty.