2020’s New Technologies

Jan 3, 2020

2020 is a year that already sounds advanced by just saying it! We were curious about what new technologies would be coming out this year, so we did some research and gathered a few items that might be of interest. Here are a few fun gadgets you can expect in the new year!

  1. Mosquitron is exactly what you need for summer nights on the patio! Mosquito zappers aren’t necessarily a new invention, but the Mosquitotron is a conveniently small and compact contraption that you can bring around wherever you travel. It’s safe, powerful, and easy to operate!
  2. FIXD Automotive can be used to detect your car’s health when that pesky check engine light comes on! When the light comes on, you can simply plug in the device and read the diagnosis on your phone app, telling you exactly what the problem is and an estimate of the cost to fix it!
  3. Also by The FIXD App, is the VIZR Heads-Up Display. Turn your smartphone into a see-through clear vision map while you are driving to avoid every taking your eyes off of the road! This one is pretty neat. 
  4. NeckMassager is something everyone can benefit from! Simply slip it around your neck and let it go to work. Forget paying for massages, or asking for them in general, you can use this while you work or watch TV! Super convenient and fun.

What do you want to try most?! While the Mosquitotron could really save us from some pesky unwanted pests, we are thinking that the NeckMassager is where it’s at! Happy New Year!