The word drone carries many different meanings. For some, when they hear the word, the military automatically comes to mind. For others, maybe industrial site inspections or using drones for an aerial view of a beach for their Youtube video. Regardless of what initially comes to mind regarding drones, the benefits of drones are seemingly endless, and their uses are only expanding. With drones reaching their highest level of autonomy ever, they render drone pilots unnecessary, making them more economical. 

Fortunately, drones have an exciting future ahead of us, especially in the commercial and consumer markets. So what should you be looking for?


Perhaps one of the most convenient uses for drones to look for is delivery. With companies like Amazon, UPS, and Dominos investing in drone delivery technology, the future of delivery looks bright. It will shorten delivery times, but it will help make jobs easier and keep more people safe. As drone delivery expands, regulations will need to be expanded to accommodate increased air traffic. 

Disaster management

Drones have the potential to save lives. They help with managing resources after a man-made or natural disaster, but they save money as well. Instead of using a helicopter to fly over the disaster area, drones can fly in their place and provide close-up views and high-quality images. This also provides incredible data for rescue operations, allowing for better medical assistance and quicker rescue response times.

Swarm intelligence

The future of technology lies in interoperability, as mentioned in our post about Matter. Drones are no different. Swarm intelligence will allow for multiple drones to collaborate. While humans currently train drones, eventually, they will be able to teach themselves. Additionally, they will be able to communicate with each other allowing for more efficient task completion.

The future of drone technology is bright, and it has enormous benefits for home technology. For example, it allows for more efficient property inspections and real estate management. For any questions regarding drones and how you can use them, contact us today! Ficrest specializes in all things technology and aims to make your home technology experience great.