Avoiding the Chaos in Construction

Mar 18, 2020

The construction site is a hectic one. The last thing you need is a squabble of different tech providers all using different, incompatible products using competing terminologies. We offer all the home automation products your clients are asking for and provide them far more efficiently than our competitors. 

Ficrest services include the following:

  • Control & Integration. We offer a unified interface to your home on elegant, simple to use touchscreens or via your mobile devices. 
  • Safety & Surveillance. Our safety and surveillance provide the latest combination of security and intrusion detection, access control, camera systems, and integrated control. 
  • Network & Communication. Our network systems are ‘Enterprise Grade’, which means the networks are designed to separate IP devices on the network in order to assure that network speed and reliability is not compromised.
  • Theater. Including the highest standards in video quality, digital surround sound, high-end concealed speakers and powered subwoofers.
  • Audiovisual. We carefully choose our partners for their commitment to quality, reliability, and aesthetics. 
  • Environmental Control. We integrate climate, shade and lighting control into a unified, programmed and intelligent system capable of reducing your carbon footprint while enhancing comfort, privacy, and safety.