Home security, both physical and technological, are vital to providing a safe space for you and yours to thrive.  Protecting your home from electronic threats may seem daunting, but here are three simple ways to bolster your smart home safety.  


Keep Your Home Wi-Fi Router Updated

This means firmware updates, password bolstering, and even replacing your router if need be.  Most companies will automatically update a router’s firmware, so be sure to register a new device with its manufacturer after purchase.  If your router has been an ugly shelf ornament for the past few years, it may be time to upgrade.  With Wi-Fi 6 being the new home internet standard, there are already a plethora of good options on the market.  Check out a list of top routers here


Update All Those Passwords

It’s time to update your passwords.  Not just for home Wi-Fi (which is a necessity), but for all of your important accounts.  Password managers like Dashlane or 1Password offer extra security and organization for all of your passwords in one place.  In order to keep your smart home safety strong and identity secure, passwords need work.  


Monitor Your Network Activity

If something unseemly were to take place on your home network, you’d want to know about it right?  There are a couple of avenues to monitor your home network activity.  You can invest in a fully loaded home security suite like Norton360 or Bitdefender or the like.  You can also check out products like Firewalla that look for weak spots in your home network.  

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