Choosing Your Universal Remote

Sep 10, 2019

When making the transition to home automation, there are many things to consider! Will you start with smart home devices or install the automation full circle? Do surveillance and security first come to mind, or does home entertainment excite you the most? Whatever your preference, the end result will come down to a device to control the entire system, also known as a universal remote. We’ve researched a few of the top choices, you can find all of the details below before making your decision! 


Sevenhugs Smart Remote X

This remote fits perfectly in your hand, with a sleek cylinder shape and full-face touch screen. Connected through WiFi or Bluetooth, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X is able to connect to almost all of your devices. This remote also connects through your Smart Home, making it possible to function as the one device needed to control your home. While the interface is used to control lighting, security, and other smart home features- the point mode is used to connect to any synced device when pointed in its direction.


Logitech Harmony Elite,review-4464.html

Controlling up to 15 devices, the Logitech Harmony Elite remote is a user-friendly option that has quickly become a favorite. Featuring dedicated smart home buttons and an intuitive interface, this remote is a combination of touch screen and classic buttons. Reviewers have recommended this remote for syncing with smart home devices such as Alexa, making it possible to control with your voice. This remote is not compatible with servicing your entire home automation, such as locking the door. 


OmniFob by Keyport

The OmniFob is quite literally the remote of all things! Compatible with your home, auto, security, and locator- this device leaves little room for competition when it comes to smart remotes. Shaped similar to a chapstick or USB device with a horizontal screen and two small buttons, this remote fob is portable enough to hook onto your key ring for convenience. The extension of control with this smart remote is incredible, offering a simple button to start your car, open your garage door, find your phone, control your music, etc. 


Each of these devices is compatible with an app on your phone, allowing you to install, setup, and contact your help team with any questions. Switching to home automation can be made easy, and our team is more than happy to help you take your home convenience to the next level!