Entertaining In A Smart Home

Sep 10, 2019

Having a home with extravagant features to enjoy is a pleasure worth sharing! And while each service that is a part of home automation has its specific function, they can all be utilized for entertaining guests. From the surveillance cameras to the lighting control, there is an addition to their primary purposes when you are hosting a holiday party or cocktail hour. Let’s go through the home automation services and see how!


  • Safety and Surveillance. Smart homes will typically have cameras viewing the outside of the home to provide security by detecting intrusion. In a scenario where you will have many guests arriving at your home, you can utilize your security system to view incoming and departing attendees or to unlock the door from your phone upon their entrance to avoid interrupting a conversation. Most importantly, they include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure safety.
  • Network and Communication. Operating through the optimum wireless connection, your home automation system can easily handle flawlessly streaming a playlist, cinema, or presentation for your entertainment. In the event of a user question or error, your home automation network will respond promptly with a solution, suggestion, or immediate assistance on the way.
  • Environmental Control. Typically controlled through lighting and the thermostat learning and tweaking to your preferences, your smart home is a contributing factor to energy efficiency. Your lights can turn on and off when you enter or leave a room, keeping your mind at ease with wandering guests. Modify the fireplace, gas lamps, or adjust the motorized shades and dim lights together with one button. Automate daily pool equipment functions, such as filtration, sanitation, and cleaning.
  • Audiovisual/Theater. When you envision your gathering and the selection of music, you don’t always imagine large speakers on either side of the room. Smart homes will have truly invisible speakers providing the best sound, complemented by a beautifully displayed picture on the TV or projector. It is helpful to have the music control in your hand, preventing you from having to interrupt the conversation to turn down the volume.
  • Control and Integration. Most home automation services will operate through an app that is easily downloaded by your mobile or tablet device. From this app, you have the ability to control every aspect of your smart home despite being busy or having guests around. The app is usually very user-friendly, and should technically serve as a breath of fresh air compared to your five remotes for five difference appliances. 


If you are wondering what it would be like to monitor your guests’ arrivals, unlock your door from your phone, stream flawless music from invisible speakers, and serve guests in a dim-light and safe atmosphere, you might want to consider a smart home! Ficrest offers all of these services and would be happy to help.