The hottest months of the year are here. As we continue to move deeper into summertime, using the right tools around the house can help save our clients money, and can even be used at times as sales techniques! So, here are a couple of add-on products to use to save customers money when the heat waves hit.

Around The House

Arrangements can be made to the home throughout the day to sustain energy at an ideal temperature. Consider purchasing Thermal Insulated Curtains for windows that let in unwanted sunlight.  Curtains made of heavy cotton or polyester are used to prevent air from entering or escaping through windows. Also known as blackout curtains, they are increasing in popularity and provide a wide selection of colors and styles to fit any decor!

For a more permanent investment to block glare and reduce UV rays, consider offering Solarized Shades, made to be an eco-friendly, energy-efficient option in place of the typical blinds.

Other quick fixes such as changing to LED light bulbs, making sure the fan is set to summer setting (counter-clockwise), keeping household items unplugged when they aren’t being used, etc., can also save the consumer energy and money.

Around The Clock

With smart home technology, the installed thermostat is available via mobile phone, making it possible to control the time and temperature inside. When regulating the thermostat properly, clients will see the positive effects grow overtime on their energy bill. The timer feature is an effective way to keep air conditioning off during the day when not at home, or for anyone with a varying schedule during the summer.

At Ficrest Integration, we are an all-in-one home automation solution for designers and contractors. We can help give clients the dream home they desire, far more efficiently and effectively.