Oftentimes when we arrange our living rooms nowadays, we’re working around one critical piece: the television. This can create conflict between layouts primed for conversation between those in the room, or those geared towards ease of watching television. Not only that but the television often also comes into conflict with the placement of other key elements, such as a fireplace. Even further, the television is often seen as an unsightly part of the room. Why put a blank black screen over the fireplace, when you can have an inspired piece of artwork? So, for many of our clients, a more creative solution is required for the placement of the television. These days, the television doesn’t have to be the focal point of the room, but it can be a showstopper nonetheless. 

Hidden TVs are a huge part of home automation these days. Here are some of our favorite ways to implement them!

One of the best, and more eye-catching, ways to hide a tv is by covering it with the artwork. This can be done in various ways, including mounting the frame on sliders, that then reveal the TV over the fireplace, or on the wall. Another popular way to do this is to roll down the artwork over the TV. Oftentimes, if the artwork is stationed over the fireplace, the art can sink into space under the TV, out of sight until you’re finished watching your favorite show.

Another popular way to hide a TV, whether in the living room or the bathroom, is to use a two-way mirror. There are several different companies that offer two-way mirrors designed to display your screen when it’s on and hide it when it’s off. A smaller TV can be integrated behind a mirror over the sink. This means you can hide the TV in plain sight, and brush your teeth while binging. 

Finally, a tried and true way to hide your television is by installing a motorized television cabinet. These cabinets can be designed to fit seamlessly into the interior design of your home and can reveal your television at the press of a button. These can double as a bench at the foot of the bed, or even a shelf displaying family photos.

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