What does a smart home look like in 2022?

The modern concept of a smart home has been around for almost two decades, and as technology marches forward, so too does the standard for smart home residences. For a long time, it seemed as though computers were the central tenet of everyday user technology, and from that standpoint it seemed obvious to organize your smart home around them. However, as times change, it’s evident that the small computer we all carry around with us at all times- our smartphones -is the basis of access to technology. With the majority of smartphone market share falling upon Apple’s iPhone, it begs the question: how long until we can truly say that iOS has been integrated for smart home owners? 

Integration is trending up

With every new update, Apple is showing more and more seriousness about the intent to fully integrate with today’s smart home technology. With the release of their Homekit software in 2014, iOS developers gave users access to rudimentary applications such as Airplay and indoor lighting adjustments. Just this past week with the launch of iOS 16, they opened up the doors to an entire smart home ecosystem in your pocket, with thermostat adjustment, more advanced locking systems and more being available through the Home app. Now, more than ever, it seems as though Apple is investing in the future of smart home integration.

What can you do with integration?

As mentioned, there are a whole range of applications for integration when it comes to iOS integration. The features with the most potential seem to be basic upkeep of the house- climate information, security details and lighting control. The benefit of access to these features when away from the household is invaluable, and can even save hundreds of dollars in utility bills when optimized. At the end of the day, the limit of smart home integration is your imagination- and of course, iOS’s technological reach.

With the recent updates and Apple’s increasing focus on Homekit, it won’t be long before everyday integration of smart home technology with iOS is commonplace. It’s time to creating assets and investing in the best technology. Stay plugged in with Ficrest, and get in contact if you’re ready to integrate your home with high quality smart home equipment.