Too many home contractors are either leaving home automation up to their clients or hiring case by case contractors for each individuals technology element. What they end up with is a mess of different systems or no system at all.

With technology playing such a big part in today’s society, gadgets make a popular gift. In fact, most of us probably received some sort of electronic as a gift over the holidays. Maybe you got a new smart thermostat from one company, and a smart lock for your door from another company. Both are great gifts, but now what? Smart devices are designed to make things simpler, but when you end up with multiple brands, that means apps, hubs, and control panels for each one. Not only do you have to learn how to operate them separately, but you have to go to various places to control individual devices in your own home. This quickly turns into more of a hassle then it is worth. You’ll quickly feel like you’re wasting time and money.

There are so many benefits that smart home technology brings, but you need to be “smart” when installing new devices. Having various devices that aren’t compatible can be extremely inefficient. The best way to make sure you are maximizing every dollar is to use a team of professionals who develop and personalize your home automation system. At Ficrest Integration, we are an all in one solution. When we show up on the job site, we personally take care of every single one of your home automation needs.

This means making the most of the devices you have and making sure they’re all working together to simplify your day-to-day. Everything will be integrated to allow you to control things with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice. Avoid having a system full of incompatible and unreliable devices…choose to let your home work for you, or your clients.

Without question, smart home technology has the potential to greatly simplify your life IF you know how to utilize it. Let us help! Don’t put the responsibility of installation on yourself. Choose to work with the right professionals to achieve all your home automation goals.