Coronavirus and the nationwide lockdown has radically changed the way people use technology, and interact with their homes. Not only have we all been spending a lot more time indoors, but we have been forced to start using more advanced technologies to get work done, and interact with others, far sooner than anyone could have predicted.

This has led to several new developments in the demand for existing products, as well as the need for future innovations. So how does your company fit in? And where can you fill in to meet those demands? The Smart Garage is a key product we recommend you to not only provide to your customers but market them as a key product during and after this lockdown. 

We have all had to rely far more on Amazon, UPS, FedEx, and other shipping-related companies to safely receive the products we need. The average owner of a smart home receives over 25 packages per year, and that number has exponentially grown in the last few months. Not only is the number of packages growing, but the value of those packages is as well. However, with the rise in packages delivered, comes a rise in packages stolen. Over a quarter of those homeowners said that they have had to report a package as stolen from their doorstep.

Smart Garage Doors have the potential to solve this problem. Clients will be able to set specific codes for delivery men and women, who can then safely lock the package away in the garage. For Integrators, this is a huge upgrade opportunity for past clients. Now is the time to start implementing these ideas. This product is a game-changer for any client who has had to deal with the frustration of a package being stolen from their home.