Los Angeles Attractions

When you think of Los Angeles the first few things that often come to mind are celebrities, terrible traffic, the entertainment industry, and a crazy nightlife. Being the second-largest city in America with more than 3.9 million people it makes you wonder what life is really like there and why do so many people want to live there?

So What’s the Gold Rush?

For aspiring actors, singers, screenwriters, and videographers LA is the place to be. The entertainment industry is huge and responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs. There are a lot of opportunities, but with that, comes a lot of competition. Beyond just the music and entertainment industry, many influencers, YouTubers, and streamers move to LA to build their following and because it is a great place to create content. Being surrounded by like-minded people is a great way to connect and continue to grow your digital niche. 

Chasing fortune and fame is not the only reason that people want to live in LA. Los Angeles is also one of the most diverse cities in the country, a melting pot. Immigrants from over 140 different countries have come to this city for the opportunities and chance to start fresh. And… let’s not forget about the weather! With pleasant year-round weather, it makes Los Angeles a perfect place for people who want to avoid the cold or who do not care for seasons. On average there are 284 sunny days per year in LA, now who wouldn’t want to live in a place like that.

What Life is Really Like in LA

Since LA is a melting pot, there are thousands of restaurants with any cuisine you can imagine. There is a wide variety of food from all around the world, so for foodies, LA is the perfect place. This also rolls into your personal life and relationships. Since LA is so diverse, you are bound to meet people who have different careers than you which can be nice and refreshing at times. To constantly be surrounded by people you work with and who have the same career as you can get boring, so having the option to branch out is nice.

Living in such a big city does mean you are going to be sitting in traffic. Los Angeles is notorious for horrible traffic. Sometimes to go only three miles it can take an hour. The freeways can also be confusing and stressful for people who are just moving there and are not used to it, but with time you learn your way and adapt.  

Los Angeles is not for everyone. It does take a certain kind of person to really enjoy the lifestyle that comes along with living in such a big city. If you are looking for more opportunities, want sunny warm weather, are sick of doing the same thing, and want a place where there is always something new to do, a multitude of activities, then LA might be the city for you.

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