With things picking back up again this year, the first thing on many of our minds is getting our friends and family into one place again. Whether you’re building your home to be the hot spot in town, or you’re building a place for family events/holidays for years to come, home automation technology can help you make your home the place to be. Home technology has been rapidly growing over the last decade. It’s easier now than ever to have full control over every aspect of your home’s entertainment. So what does that mean for you?

It means you can create whatever atmosphere you want in your home at the touch of a finger. It means you can have peace of mind, knowing your family is safe and sound inside the walls of your home. And it means you can relax with the convenience of remote access to all of your home amenities.

  • Absolute Control: The primary goal of automated home technology is to give you remote control over home functions. Many times, this starts with environmental Control. Typically controlled through lighting and the thermostat learning and tweaking to your preferences, your smart home is a contributing factor to energy efficiency. Your lights can turn on and off when you enter or leave a room, keeping your mind at ease with wandering guests. Modify the fireplace, gas lamps, or adjust the motorized shades and dim lights together with one button. Automate daily pool equipment functions, such as filtration, sanitation, and cleaning. However, it doesn’t stop there. From music to lighting preferences, smart home technology allows the user to set presets that the home can immediately change to. Having a romantic dinner? A night party? Or it’s just Christmas morning? Customize and set your home’s atmosphere, then change it by simply hitting one button.
  • Communication is Key: Today’s luxury homes start at 3,000-square-feet or sometimes even larger. Many home technology integrators regularly work in homes of 5,000-square-feet or larger. An HTA Certified integrator who works at the Luxury & Estate levels may regularly install systems in homes from 10,000-square-feet up to 100,000-square-feet. Enterprise-grade products are designed for buildings of similar sizes and designed to accommodate a greater quantity of users. Any time you need Wi-Fi coverage to extend greater than 2,000 feet, you need multiple Wi-Fi access points, which are standard practice with enterprise-grade systems. If you want to have room for plenty of guests, installing networks such as these is crucial to keeping everyone connected.
  • Audiovisual/Theater. When you envision your gathering and the selection of music, you don’t always imagine large speakers on either side of the room. Smart homes will have truly invisible speakers providing the best sound, complemented by a beautifully displayed picture on the TV or projector. It is helpful to have the music control in your hand, preventing you from having to interrupt the conversation to turn down the volume. Here, simplicity is key. Home automation helps you create a seamless entertainment experience for anyone who is in your home.

So what makes Ficrest different from other Home Automation installers? Your Ficrest system is monitored for performance, updates, and any support issues around the clock by our staff. We receive status alerts and can respond to most needs remotely without having to schedule a service visit. It’s time to simplify your processes. The construction site is a hectic one. The last thing you need is a squabble of different tech providers all using different, incompatible products using competing terminologies. We offer all the home automation products clients are asking for and provide them far more efficiently than our competitors. Looking to complete your home with home automation? We can help.