Having just wrapped up in Las Vegas, CES 2023 brought some very exciting technological advancements to the table.  From luxury smart EVs to home urine analysis (Yeah. You read that right.), there is a wide range of smart home tech just waiting to add even more function and comfort to your daily life.  Arguably, the most exciting of the smart home tech to be announced was the Samsung Bespoke series of home appliances.  

Taking a bold new step in the home kitchen appliance sector, Samsung is sending shockwaves through the market with their new Bespoke series of appliances.  The Bespoke series offers AI-integrated appliances from laundry washers and dryers to a smart refrigerator with a customizable 32-inch touchscreen display.  You can make digital shopping lists for Amazon and even share pics from your Google Photos library.  Perhaps the most exciting and interesting member of this lineup is the new Bespoke AI Oven.  If you’re like me, sometimes it pays off to have a little extra help cooking.  The AI Oven is equipped with a smart camera that recognizes what you’re cooking, can offer suggestions, and even warns you if your food is burning (I wish I had these yesterday when my muffins were in the oven…).  

Launching in Q3 and Q4 in North America, the Bespoke series is one to look out for if you’re thinking of upgrading your home appliances.  In both form and function.  

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