While drones have a long way to go and technology is constantly evolving, it is amazing to see the rapid growth and advancement of these unmanned aircrafts. Skydio, an American manufacturer of drones has pushed the limits in the technology consumer industry with their newest invention, the Skydio 2.   

The Skydio 2 

The Skydio 2 is unlike any other drone before. It uses six on-body cameras for full-time, all around obstacle avoidance. Flying autonomously, or taking control is what makes the Skydio 2 stand out from other drones on the market. Its 4K60 HDR (12.3 MP) camera, range of up to 3.5 km, and autonomous speed of 36 MPH makes it the best sports tracking drone in the industry today. 

Kit & Controlling Options 

There are four different kits that you are able to choose from depending on what features you are looking for. The starter kit which is the easiest to fly and great for someone who is just starting to use drones, the sports kit, cinema, and pro kit are also options as well. You are also able to control your Skydio in three different ways. The first way is through the Skydio 2 app which uses your mobile device WiFi as the communication link. The second way is the Skydio controller which uses your mobile device as your first person view screen, allowing you to fly with precision. Lastly, the Skydio Beacon offers a GPS signal for tracking and can be used with the Skydio app or as a separate device.

Why Skydio 2 is Different 

Drones are changing the world as we know it. Almost every industry has started to use these devices as a way to perform operations with minimal contact and to make the process quicker and easier than ever before. Skydio’s goal is to do that and more! They want to create drones that are accessible, useful, and dependable for all sectors and the Skydio 2 is doing just that. It has changed the commercial drone market drastically with its autonomous following capabilities. The Skydio 2 is the future, the next generation!