Tired of Cuttin’ Grass?  Get a Smart Mower.

Even though they are not yet nearly as popular as smart vacuums, smart mowers are clipping their way into many homeowners’ must-have lists.  With customizable schedules and various levels of range, the smart mower market is constantly innovating.  While they do come with a heavier upfront cost than a traditional mower, there are several key upsides to leaving the care of your lawn to a robotic helper.

Set It and Forget It

After the initial setup time (which will be covered later) robot mowers operate with a high level of autonomy.  While some do require clear views of the skies for GPS purposes, many will function well in any kind of yard.  Most models charge via a docking station and will mow according to your programmed schedule.  Furthermore, many models offer varying levels of customization.  This includes how often it mows, how low it cuts the grass, and which green areas it maintains.

Lengthy Setup Process

One of the downsides of investing in a robotic mower is the initial labor required to dial in the machine.  Unlike a robotic vacuum that independently maps out your home, most robotic mowers require guideline wires to be placed or buried at the boundaries of the space the machine is responsible for.  If you have a relatively small yard, this may not present a challenge.  But if your smart mower is responsible for a larger yard, the guideline installation could prove tedious and time-consuming.

How To Pick A Smart Mower

When deciding on a smart mower, it’s important to ask several questions:


Smart mowers come in budget-friendly and luxurious models, but the bottom dollar for most is roughly $1000.  When considering your budget, ask yourself what features are most important to you.  Is it a long battery life, GPS capability, high horsepower, or something else?  Narrowing down your priorities will help you pick a mower that fits your budget and accomplishes your goals.

Size of Yard

As previously mentioned, a larger yard may mean you opt for a mower that doesn’t require guideline installation.  Furthermore, a larger battery and higher horsepower may be necessary to complete a mowing job on time and on one charge.


Obstacles in your yard, especially hilly areas, can prove challenging for some mowers.  Additionally, opting for a mower that requires guideline installation may mean more upfront labor if your yard is not a perfect square.


Check here for a comprehensive breakdown of smart mowers on the market.

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