Staying home during a storm is one of the best ways to stay safe during bad weather. With a lot of us stuck at home during lockdown anyway, we don’t really have much of a choice! For homeowners and contractors, getting the right protections into the right homes are an important part of preparing for the worst.

Install an electrical surge protector – Every home should be equipped with these, not just smart homes/ For plug-in appliances and electronics, think of a surge protector as a plug-in median between the ground connection and the connection of the appliance. In the case of an electrical surge, this device will ensure that the surge is diverted to the ground connection to protect the appliance, and often others around it.

Whole-home power surge protection – Remember the story of The Three Little Pigs? And how the big, bad wolf couldn’t blow down the third pig’s house of bricks? Well, imagine you’re the fourth pig who went above and beyond with a whole-home power surge protection system. This installation should be done by a professional technician, but once completed, your entire home is protected from excess electricity during power surges. It is installed in the main power line and protects all appliances in your home including the HVAC system.

Warranty plans and insurance coverage – For your peace of mind, know what you have placed under warranty and what exactly is covered under your home insurance before an accident happens. We can go out of our way to protect our belongings, but nature finds a way to take its own course. If you have appliances that you know specifically are not covered by warranty or insurance, and aren’t ready for a power surge protection system, consider leaving them unplugged during a storm to avoid electrical damage.

It is a helpless feeling when you are waiting out a storm. Ficrest Integration offers home automation design, integration, and monitoring that can ease your nerves during a storm in a number of ways. If you want to see exactly what you have plugged in utilizing electricity, you can monitor this from your mobile device. The security system allows you to have a visual from all camera angles, so if you are worried about potential flooding at your home while you are at work – you have access to view that on your phone as well. Our designs are built to keep you safe during times of unease. We can help!