Automated Lighting is the New Norm

Automated lighting has become the norm in most homes, but you can take it one step further with Environmental Controls. Instead of “Alexa turn on the lights”, you can wake up to the sunrise, go throughout your day without the worry of flipping a switch, and crawl into bed with your shades drawn in a dark room at the perfect sleeping temperature, all without even having to think. 

Environmental Controls

Environmental Controls are about more than voice activated LED lights. You can automate all environmental factors, like temperature, shade amount, and the brightness and color of lights. Set your home to change with the natural flow of the sun. Wake up to a natural sunrise by setting a scene for your shades. Slowly brighten the lights in the house to match your morning routine. Raise the air temperature to save on energy bills while you’re away. Turn lights off as you leave the house, and have them on by the time you return. Slowly dim your lights and draw your shades as bed time approaches to prepare for a perfect REM cycle. Setting scenes to match your daily routine will not only simplify your life but also save you time, money, and peace of mind. Keep your family safe with automated outdoor flood lights and security cameras. 

Having fully automated Environmental Controls from the time you move in not only increases your home value, but also your quality of life, and peace of mind. At Ficrest, we help contractors and homeowners alike achieve their home automation dreams with your best interest at heart.