Automated homes have become increasingly more popular over the years, especially over the past year due to the pandemic. We have relied on technology more than ever before. Having to work, learn, and exercise from home has encouraged homeowners to integrate more technology into their homes which has contributed to an increase in smart home technology. 

Here are some of the foundational installations in smart home technology

Smart Lighting 

Turning off all the lights in a home is hard to monitor and easily forgotten. Smart lighting is able to do this automatically, saving families an average of 7 to 27 percent on their lighting costs. Smart lights also have a variety of different color temperatures. These settings can be changed for different lighting in the daytime versus the nighttime, helping to set the room’s “mood”. These changes in the different lighting affect your circadian rhythms, which are influenced by environmental cues. These rhythms are 24-hour cycles that help control your daily sleep and wakefulness schedule. Smart lighting uses the light of the rising and setting sun to sync your body’s circadian rhythm, helping your body to get on the right schedule.

Energy Management Systems 

Sustainable homes are on the rise! Over the past few years, people have started to become more eco-conscious and homeowners have become invested in making their homes more environmentally friendly. Energy management systems are a major contributor to making homes more eco-friendly. These systems monitor the energy consumption and send feedback to the homeowner allowing them to see how they can better conserve their energy. By saving energy, homeowners are also saving money. 

Smart Entertainment 

Entertainment is something that a lot of homeowners find valuable. With smart entertainment devices, it simplifies the process of streamlining movies, music, and much more, making it an easy and stress-free task. For homeowners that host dinner parties for friends or have families, investing in smart entertainment is convenient and useful. Smart entertainment makes life a little bit easier; for example, instead of having to get up and change a song, you can tell the system to change the song for you, saving time and energy.

At Ficrest, we offer services to help set up and explain how to work your smart devices. This can be anything from setting up speakers that are hidden, making a more aesthetically pleasing home to distributed video systems that share video sources throughout the home. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality software and features for our clients.  

We are here to help make homeowners feel the most comfortable and content in their homes. Contact us down below for any inquiries.