The Future of Home Automation

Oct 8, 2019

Since 2002, the technology world has made monumental changes from the development of Microsoft programming and social networking to the inventions of Amazon’s Alexa and Smart Home Automation. In the last twenty or so years, even children have learned to navigate through smartphones and tablets by ages as young as two years old. As adults, our businesses and personal lives rely heavily on the technology systems responsible for our communication, organization, accounting, scheduling, etc. 

In one sector of the technology world, is the progression of Smart Home Automation. Currently, there are hundreds of various smart devices fit for a home automation system via WiFi. Depending on the features, home automation devices can perform features such as adjusting lighting and temperatures, opening windows and doors, as well as being available for voice commands. 

It’s safe to say that these commands and features have been mastered and perfected, so what’s next? In 2040, imagine what a normal morning could look like. Your sleep is monitored through your watch or smart bed, programmed to wake you up at the optimum level of sleep by opening your automatic blinds and having a cup of coffee hot and ready for you in the kitchen, timed accordingly. The smart calendar read over your schedule for the week and reminds you to bring a coat for your meeting this afternoon as it can see the temperature will drop a few degrees by then. 

As your smart home gains more access and learns more about you, the risk of being a potential target for hackers increases as well. With everything being connected through the internet, the need for cybersecurity becomes exponentially crucial. This begs the question of who is monitoring your home automation? Is there 24-7 security protecting your privacy? 

Ficrest Integration Inc. provides Enterprise-Grade network systems designed to separate IP devices on the network in order to assure that your speed, reliability, and quality are not compromised. With this is the monitoring of performances, updates, support issues, and protection for risk. We receive status alerts and can respond to most needs remotely without having to schedule a service visit. Contact us to hear more about how we are evolving with the future of home automation and can guarantee a safe transition as you choose to adapt your smart home.