When it comes down to it, builds and construction projects are known for taking longer than expected. Why is this? During a project, the responsibilities stretch in many directions. With the huge range of knowledge, skills, logistical experience, and materials needed to build a home, it takes a lot of people to take the project from start to finish. At Ficrest, we aim to help contractors avoid this problem when it comes to home automation.

Home automation comes with its own world of logistics, variability, customization, and more. At Ficrest Integration Inc, we are your complete home automation partner. We employ a number of specialized technicians, and we become your direct source for all of them. That leaves you and your team with one number to call.

This creates more space for contractors who are focusing on working closely with clients and other essential technicians and builders. When hiring a technician for each automation service separately, you end up with a handful of contacts and an array of disorganization. Our team brings contractors and designers clarity through direction and organization.

Less truly is more. We can help you get your project done with the latest in home automation innovation with less strain on your team and within your budget. No confusion about who to call, no going over-schedule, no going over-budget, and no question about the level of service you are receiving.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide contractors and designers with a turn-key solution. Whether you’re looking to up your home automation or to create more efficiency within your build and design workflow, we can certainly help.