In this day and age, top of the line wired and wireless network services are crucial to providing your clients with the best possible home experience. As home technology advances, the need for robust, enterprise-grade wired and wireless networks in the home becomes increasingly essential. Our home’s bandwidth needs are only going to increase over time, so if you’re planning on building or renovating your home, it’s time to future proof your network.

Our network systems are ‘Enterprise Grade’, which means the networks are designed to separate IP devices on the network in order to assure that network speed and reliability are not compromised. This brings a new quality to your phone communications with the ability to conduct conference calls; place calls on hold, as well as paging features by room or to the entire home. If a household typically streams from multiple devices across the home (and let’s face it, we all do this) you won’t have to worry about slower download and upload times.

Today’s luxury homes start at 3,000-square-feet or sometimes even larger. Many home technology integrators regularly work in homes of 5,000-square-feet or larger. An HTA Certified integrator who works at the Luxury & Estate levels may regularly install systems in homes from 10,000-square-feet up to 100,000-square-feet. Enterprise-grade products are designed for buildings of similar sizes and designed to accommodate a greater quantity of users. Any time you need Wi-Fi coverage to extend greater than 2,000 feet, you need multiple Wi-Fi access points, which are standard practice with enterprise-grade systems.

So what makes ours different? Your Ficrest system is monitored for performance, updates, and any support issues around the clock by our staff. We receive status alerts and can respond to most needs remotely without having to schedule a service visit.

It’s time to simplify your processes. The construction site is a hectic one. The last thing you need is a squabble of different tech providers all using different, incompatible products using competing terminologies. We offer all the home automation products your clients are asking for and provide them far more efficiently than our competitors. It’s time to get your clients exactly what they need when they need it. We can help.